Like most families, our family members are similar in that they originated from the same group, but each member has it's own unique identity. Check out the below to see all TASMAN has to offer!


As our company strategy matured, and our capabilities in the leather industry widened, we found ourselves immersed in nearly every segment of this incredible industry. Our focus solely on raw material has morphed into the manufacturing of Wet Blue and finished leather. Today, we are as passionate as ever before, as we embark on a long journey in the Garment, Handbag, Hospitality & design, Upholstery, Automotive, saddle and tack, and even into the multi-billion dollar pet industry.

T  A  S  M  A  N

Tasman Industries, Inc. is the parent company for all Tasman Brands. Everything we do as a collective group begins with the Tasman Industries - Hides & Skins division. We source material from USDA certified abattoirs all over the United States and process them in 14 different locations

T  A  S  M  A  N

If American Made Leather is what you have been seeking, then look no more! TASMAN Leather Group USA or TLG, is our brand of 100% made in the USA made leather. After acquiring the former PRIME tanning operation, in Hartland, Maine, we spent the many man hours necessary to restructure the facility and re-create the leathers that put them on the map and made Prime Tanning a household name. These Original leathers made at TLG are known as the "PRIME Originals" by Tasman Leather USA, include: The Original Crazy Horse, Pitstop, Rage, Oldtown, Retro, and Ram Tough.

T  A  S  M  A  N

High Point, North Carolina, the mecca of furniture manufacturing in the United States, is also home to TASMAN - Leather North Carolina. Our warehouse was opened in 2012 to provide our customers in the furniture and Hospitality and Design industries, a premium quality, sourced from American raw material, and an unmatched customer service experience.

T  A  S  M  A  N

TASMAN Natural Pet Brand, was created under one principle idea, to provide the highest quality American made pet products that are 100% natural. For decades, animal products have been overlooked as far as their full ingredient list goes, but our products are different. When we set out in this new market, we decided to separate ourselves from the pack by making North American Bison products as opposed to the traditional beef products. In addition, the Bison raw material has bonus incentives such as, lower fat content, 100% free range, free from hormones, and antibiotics. Try them today... You can taste the difference! 

T  A  S  M  A  N

TASMAN - Thoroughbred Leather, specializes in a variety full vegetable tanned and Veg/chrome re-tan leather. Thoroughbred Leather uses only one selection of our heaviest weight and highest quality USA raw material as the foundation of their premium vegetable tanned leather.

The Evolution of an American Brand
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