TASMAN HARTFORD  Hartford, Wisconsin

(USA Tanning Operation)

Tasman Hartford

Established 2008


Tasman Hartford was an important milestone for the Tasman Group as it was the company's first Tanning facility in the United States. The facility formerly known as the late and great WB Place, opened its doors in 1860's to better serve the local hunting community. A program designed by the facility, would allow hunters to deliver pelts and skins and have a jacket made in return for a much reduced price. This unique concept allowed the tannery to developed their specialties in the smaller skins and pelts market.


The Tannery's  is most recognized and revered in luxury tanner of North American White Tailed Deerskin and Bison. This facility came equipped with a full cut/sew department on the upper level. This department is responsible for the manufacturing of our Messenger bag, Leather Jackets, American flags, Tasman "Tiny Tike" Moccasins, and many of our other "MADE IN USA" products for sale in our on-line store.


Today, our WI location is not currently processing for the Hunter Program for deerskin. Please contact us if you have questions.


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