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Since our founding day, in 1947, TASMAN has become a household name in the Leather industry. With over 70 years of experience and expertise, we have strengthened our corporate strategy to become a major supplier of USA material to the global leather market. Additionally, we have dedicated the resources necessary to again produce breathtakingly beautiful leather on American soil.   A superior quality directly from the source and a rich and elegant product delivered directly to you. Tasman Industries, Inc., and Affiliates are the artists behind the masterpiece. TASMAN, the American Brand.


Our Philosophy is simple... To provide the highest quality products and the finest services. To Achieve this, we insist that our employees, partners, and affiliated brands always operate with the end user in mind. It is because we able to do what we love to do, everyday, that we can empty our hearts and souls into the products and services we offer.

We, as a team, are proud to provide you with an American service. One of superior quality and class, that brings pride back to the "Made in America" brand.

Mission Statement...

We are committed to supplying the global leather community with the highest quality products and services. We are committed to creating value for our customers and suppliers by globally sourcing specific products and vertically integrating our production to its maximum potential. Tasman will uphold the highest ethical standards in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, community and environment.



The TASMAN Family and our brands are dedicated to the rejuvenation of American manufacturing and the "Made in America" brand. We work tirelessly to provide the American people with a product that was made for the US and by the US. Our country has provided the Tasman family with an opportunity to show what American manufacturing is all about. We pour our hearts and souls into our products to give you the quality every American will come to demand and respect. This is not a job, it's our life.

The Tasman Family is no stranger to the leather industry. For nearly 70 years now, the Tasman Group has been and continues to be a reliable processor and supplier of premium USA Hides and Skins to the global markets. Having a sustainable network of suppliers from coast to coast, has allowed our volumes to steadily increased from the 4 hides, in 1947, to the approximately 160,000/week produced today. That means nearly, of all the USA cattle, nearly 1 of 4 comes through a Tasman facility.




There is no question about it, we are what we are in the industry today, because of the ideals and ethical practices instilled in us by our founder, Goodman "Goodie" Tasman. Goodie was a true American patriot, having serving this great country he loved so dearly in World War II, only to return home to a loving wife and young son, but no job. The message was clear and the need for a steady pay check was a must. Goodie quickly enlisted the help of his younger brothers to come and join him in the business. With their purchase of a whopping 4 hides in their first week, Goodman & B. Tasman and the Tasman brand were formed. 




It was not until the late 1970's, that the second generation of Tasman's would join the business. In 1977, Goodie's youngest son Norman clocked in and never clocked out! Goodie and Norman were a dynamic duo, the perfect tag team, especially when it came to the business, but above all they were best friends. The dynamic duo rapidly became the "TASMAN TRIFECTA" when Norman's wife Alice joined team in the early 1980's. Together, the three worked slowly and meticulously, growing their single location in Louisville, Kentucky, to became 2 locations, and 2 became 3, and 3 became 4 and so on. Today, the TASMAN group has stretched their arms from the Atlantic to the Pacific with 15 manufacturing facilities in North America, and TASMAN representation on every continent. Still to this day, both Alice and Norman manage the company, Norman, as our President and CEO. Having a sustainable network of suppliers from coast to coast, has allowed us to sample various material from every nook and cranny in the United States.  have allowed our volumes to steadily increased from the 4 hides produced in our first week by our founder Goodman "Goodie" Tasman, in 1947,  to the approximately 160,000/week produced today in 2015. This means that Tasman lays a hand on roughly 20-25% of the 30 Million plus cattle production in the United States. >>FAST FORWARD>>>




Norman and Alice have two sons, Aaron and Jason, working in the business. Both Aaron and Jason expressed great interest and in the business and continuing the family legacy and the Tasman Brand. Since the induction of the Tasman brothers, the Tasman family had set their sights on the next big adventure. The opportunity to purchase one of the most recognized finishing tanneries in the world, located in Hartland, Maine, presented itself. The facility located in Hartland, Maine, had fallen under hard financial times, but maintained a talented and highly skilled group of American leather makers that would be would be a shame to stand by and fall to the wayside. 


After acquiring the tannery, we spent countless hours restoring the vintage facility and getting the heart and soul back into the leather. During this massive transition, we came across hundreds of precious formulas from deep within our tannery archives. These are the original formulas for world renowned leathers that have not been made by their "Original" formula in over 20 years! Known as the "PRIME Originals," trademarked leathers such as Crazy Horse, Rage, Pitstop, Renegade, Old Town, and Floater to name a few will once again appear on global scene according to their ORIGINAL Recipe and by the very people who created them in the first place.


Today, we are involve in many different industries making our team "the Tasman Group" unique and vertically integrated. We have expanded our finished leather division to include a luxury line of American made leather products.








Founder (1947 - 2004)




President (1973 - Present)


Vice President (1983-Present)




(2006 - Present)


 (2009 - Present)

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