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Made in USA

At Tasman Leather Group, we are proud to represent the USA in an industry so specialized in innovation and creativity, that there are no substitutes for the beautiful craftsmanship produced by our hard-working American team of leather makers.  As our company strategy matured, and our capabilities in the leather industry widened, we found ourselves immersed in nearly every segment of this incredibly diverse and magnificent industry. After we acquired our tannery in Hartland, Maine, which is currently responsible for 100% of our "Made in USA" leathers, we also became the owners of numerous original formulas of some of the most popular leathers used in our industry today.  These precious formulas are the Original recipes for Crazy Horse, Pitstop, Rage, Retro, Oldtown, and so many more! With specialties geared toward Footwear, Military, Garment, Handbag Hospitality and Design, and Automotive, we have many options to choose from and better service you.


If you are looking for something in specific or in a different color, please contact us and allow our expert Techincal Sales staff to assist you!



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