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At TASMAN, we are proud to offer you premium American products at competitive prices and with an unmatched customer service experience. See below for the variety of products and services we offer.


The foundation of our family business is as a processer and exporter of Premium North American hides and skins. These primarily consist of Bulls, Cows, Steers, Heifers, Bison, Sow, Pigs, Deer, Elk, Goat, Sheep, and Calf skins. With 16 locations in North America and a volume of 160,000 skins per week, Tasman has become one of the largest suppliers in the world.  All of our skins arrive daily from USDA certified abattoirs, where every animal is inspected prior to processing. Once delivered to a Tasman facility, the material will then be submerged in a tank of a brine solution with an approximate salinity level of 95%. The hides and skins will then be fleshed and trimmed to the standardized pattern according to industry and client expectations.


The Tasman Signature "Double Fleshed" Process allows for:

  1. An Extended Curing Process

  2. Re-grading Ensure Proper Selection.

  3. Consistent Individual Hide Weights

  4. Greater Yields

  5. Less Waste for the Tanner




Our upscale and luxuriously finished Upholstery Leather division better known as Tasman Leather North Carolina, is located in the heart of furniture manufacturing in the USA. Having a location to serve the many manufacturers in the High Point, North Carolin area is vitaly


We specialize in high-end American Bison Leathers for sofas, chairs, love seats, bar stools,

headboards, etc.



Looking to modify an existing piece of furniture?




You can place orders for any leather project through our online store. See



Chances are at some point in your life you have encountered Murphy's Law...


"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."


We understand this and have vowed to help those who find themselves on the "wrong" end of a situation. We offer Trans-loading services for individuals and companies whose rawhide shipments have encountered "Murphy's Law."


Check the "HIDES & SKINS" category above to see the nearest location for these services.





We produce Wet Blue from 100% USA sourced material. We have taken all the appropriate measures to ensure we comply with all environmental regulations as well as the required industry and government standards.


We produce a wide range of selections and provide custom selections upon request.




Full Substance Wet Blue

Grain Splits (Variety of Thicknesses)

Drop Splits

Wet Blue Shoulders

Wet Blue Bellies


Crust Leather


For more details see click below.



Trying to find a unique look for your boutique hotel, chic restaurant, or even your personal residence? 


Our H&D leathers are unique and will instigate a double take! The leathers we create are designed to inspire, enhance and showcase your space. To breathe new life and add that pop of color to showcase your desired space. Not all of the leathers in our collection are intended to appear like other leathers or even leathers you've seen before, but all still maintain a luxurious hand and supple feel expected of leather articles.


 Whether you are looking to enhance your boutique, hotel, bar, restaurant, or showroom, if leather is what you desire you have met your match! Contact us today to discuss your needs with our leather experts.


Tasman Recycling Division is dedicated to the reclassification of our bi-products by producing oil known as Tallow. Tallow can be used for many products, including Candles, and soaps to cooking oils and fuels. Our product is primarily absorbed by 3 major industries:


1. Bio-diesel

2. Animal Feed

3. Cosmetics


As the automotive industry continues to seek alternative energy sources rather and the petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily to produce Gasoline, Bio-diesel is the natural solution.


Tallow is also used in Animal feed as a flavor additive as well as a variety of different applications including soaps, candles and cosmetics.



Our Tanning facility, Tasman Leather Group, in Hartland, Maine, is one of the last remaining tanneries in the United States. Having acquired the former PRIME Tanning facility in Hartland, Maine, the vigorous process of breathing new life into a vintage factory has begun. We have now joined an elite group of tanners from around the globe and intend to make TASMAN Leather a brand to be reckoned with.  




(In NO Particular Order)

1. Military

2.  Footwear

3. Upholstery

4. Automotive

5. Hospitality and Design

6. Garment

7. Luggage

8. Handbags & Accessories



After 7 years of custom manufacturing for various name brands as well as directly to consumers, we have decided to produce these exquisite items, made of the finest American leathers, designed and made right here in the United States of America.


#UnitedWeTan  #TasmericanMade


 We produce the finest quality products made from the best quality materials. We would rather supply less volume of the best quality in the industry, than a mediocre or standard quality to the masses. We live to life the way we ought to live. We challenge you to Live life the TASMAN way: Live a Life of Luxury.  


The TASMAN brand encourages you to spoil yourself in all aspects of life because...


 You Worked for it.

You have Earned it.

and Frankly,

You Deserve it.

Live a life of Luxury.


Tasman Industries has provided customized machinery to customers to facilitate in the the curing process. Our expertise focuses on the production of customized industry and manufacturing equipment, we also provide expert service for your commercial or residential projects.


C&R Division Specializes in:

  • Hide Press

  • Hide Curing Mixer

  • Hide Wringer

  • Hide Bagging System


Tasman Industries will provide you with the experienced professionals to produce the quality you expect.

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