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At Tasman Leather North Carolina, we are driven by by our customers' success. Our dedication to providing premium leather and superior service to the furniture and upholstery industries has only increased with the addition of our leather warehouse in High Point, North Carolina. The ability to have our remarkable leathers on your cutting table at a moments notice, is one of the many difference that makes TASMAN unique and superior among the USA and foreign leather suppliers. See the descriptions of our leather and the galleries below. Before you go, be sure to check out our STORE for all your current and future leather needs.


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All of our leathers are available to be made in custom colors with a minimum drum load per color order.

Please use REQUEST QUOTE for further information and pricing details.


Please Note: The color of the leather images may vary slightly depending on your device.


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Stonewood Leather

Our Stonewood leather is a full grain, heavily waxed, luxurious member of our American Bison Collection. The grain is naturally rugged in appearance and with the application of heavy wax, heat and ultra fine oils; this article will continually produce a uniquely authentic rustic look. Like a fine wine, with time, our Stonewood bison will become softer and develop a rich patina, only This leather comes in several colors that are rich and timeless and made to become an heirloom within your home that will become more beautiful in time.

Produced on American Bison hides that provide superior strength and durability. 



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Analux Leather

Our Analux leather is another honorable member of our American Bison Collection. The glorious grain appearance and unparalleled strength merely scratch the surface when it comes to detailing this full grain, micro finished American Bison masterpiece. With only 50% of the Bison population making the Analux selection, this article has quickly become an industry favorite and one of the most unique articles in our collection. An even color blending top coat is all that is added to provide conformity and ease in daily use. Perfect for family applications.



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Harness Leather

Our Harness Leather is a true work of art! Created on beautiful American Cow, this brilliant, double dyed, ultra premium aniline leather is the finest in our collection. Only the top 5% will be suitable for this illustrious article, but the simple richness, depth and feel fail to describe this leather in a justified way, the overall characteristics of this article that will certainly showcase your furniture in any space for many years to come.

*Being an aniline one most use caution on placement in the home. Direct sunlight should be avoided if possible.




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Brompton Leather

Our Brompton leather is a stately, one of a kind leather, enhanced by a beautiful application of fine waxes and oils.
Produced on premium American cowhides, this article has been blessed with true character. The Brompton is glossy with a slight pull-up, that will only continue to enrich this leather's brilliant and classic finish for years to come. This phenomenal leather is ideal to showcase in any tufted or chesterfield-style article for your next collection.


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Edinburg Leather

Edinburg is a aniline dyed finished full grain American hide with a soft supple hand. Produced in over 20 different fashionable colors, the Edinburg is easily our most versatile leather and the perfect article for family applications. The color is sprayed evenly across the surface to provide a consistent color and highest yield possible. With the surface finish designed for family applications, the longterm care is simple and easy. To care, just apply a small amount of soap and water cleanup and wipe dry.




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Encore Leather 

Encore is our most "family friendly" leather. Created on top quality American cow hides, this starting grade leather is a corrected grain aniline with a dyed finish. The effect is made by spray to mimic that of a pure aniline leather, but with a consistent color and a much greater cutting yield. The Encore article is a pull-up free leather that is easily the most ideal leather for family applications.



All of our leathers are available to be made in custom colors with a minimum drum load per color order. Please contact us for further information and pricing.


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