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TASMAN PORTLAND - Portland, Oregon

Tasman Portland

Established 2008


We began operating from our Portland facility shortly after the sale of Boise. This facility processes local Small Packers* around Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California.


Our Portland Small Packers are sold Conventional and are 100% Mixer cured.


Hours of Delivery:


Trucks & Containers: 5AM - 12PM   Monday - Friday


Flatbed Trucks: 5AM - 11AM   Monday - Friday





Conventional Small Packer Steers

Conventional Small Packer Cows

Conventional Small Packer #3's

Conventional Small Packer Kips


*** Portland also serves as the preferred shipping point for all TASMAN BOISE production.***


Custom Loading & Trans-loading Services

Established 2008


Tasman Portland also serves as our primary facility for Custom Loading and Trans-loading procedures.


We "LIVE" load every shipment to ensure prompt deliveries and to avoid additional fees and wait times.


Our Services Include:

  1. New Liner (25mil minimum)

  2. Cardboard Sheets on Floor (8)

  3. Cardboard Sheets on Walls (8)

  4. Oil Dry (2 Bags)

  5. New Seal


Please Note: If pallets have fallen or hides are not stacked additional labor fees may apply.


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